Rejoice ladies, the designers are getting it larger women want clothes that are truly made for their size but that also look good and fit their lifestyle. And not just work clothes, or jeans and tshirts, but sexy, expressive plus size Lingerie Bodysuits too! And it’s no wonder since women naturally know that clothing is a form of expression, of reflecting on the outside what you’re feeling on the inside. And there’s very little that speaks more loudly than Lingerie Bodysuits! But it’s not just sizes that have changed over the years.


Lingerie Bodysuits, of all sizes, has come a long way since being worn as “foundations” as our Grandmothers used to call them. In fact, their long ago functions often are not the reason behind wearing it at all these days. I spoke to a friend of mine recently who despite not always being happy or comfortable with her larger size, shared an interesting thought with me about plus size Lingerie Bodysuits, “when I wear good quality Lingerie Bodysuits that fits me, that is actually made for my size, I feel sexier and in some ways more powerful.

First of all, when I used to think about wearing Lingerie Bodysuits, I would envision trying to stuff myself into something made for a very thin girl, like the fashion models in most of the pictures, and that was not appealing to me at all and the image I had would not likely be appealing to anyone else for that matter! However, once I discovered that there is nice, quality Lingerie Bodysuits that actually fits me, is cut and designed to really fit me and my curves, in all different styles, it was a different ballgame all together!” She went on to say “I finally realized whether you are comfortable with your weight or are planning on losing, or for some people, gaining this is the weight you are today and there is no reason that you shouldn’t express yourself right now, where you are, in all different ways dress to enjoy your body decorate it, embellish it, drape it in clothes you love and that make you feel good.

Whether that’s a big, cozy sweatshirt today or plus size Lingerie Bodysuits tomorrow. There are Valentines Lingerie that skinny girls don’t like their bodies either, or don’t like the way something fits them, I don’t think that’s something that is exclusive to big or small girls. But on the days when I’m feeling sexy or maybe needing a little help feeling sexy, I’m very glad there is plus size Lingerie Bodysuits available that fits me well!” “The best part is that it seems that the assortment of what is available just keeps getting better.