How to Go About Choosing Fertility Clinics


A few decades ago, there were only a handful of hospitals that offer fertility treatments as part of their services. Even lesser were the number of fertility clinics that specializes in helping couples conceive.

Nowadays, most modern medical institutions house facilities that are designed for fertility treatments. And with so many of them claiming to achieve infertility clinics in abu dhabi success rates enough to get your hopes way up, you need to be guided on the ones that are known to really deliver the goods to eventually send you home with a baby of your own. To help you choose which among them is worth betting at, here are some criteria of stats and figures to consider which ones are best. The number of ART (assisted reproductive technology) cycles and transfers is usually a good determinant of a good fertility clinic. ART cycles are mostly from in vitro fertilization procedures that involve fresh embryos.

ART transfer on the other hand are labelled by the CDC as such if the patient uses donor eggs or frozen embryos. The percentage of ART cycles from fresh embryos are also a good record of the best fertility clinics. This means the chances of having a baby produced by fertilizing your own cells may be higher if you choose to do the procedure in that clinic because of its published success rate. The clinics success rates in terms of handling special cases of infertility are also note worthy. Since no two cases are usually the same, the clinic must be able to identify appropriate methods that will fit your specific case.